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What it is about the underground world that brings music and crowds together in style? It is all about the love that people have for it. Something that brings them closer and they enjoy it. Parties and festivals are the best. It makes crowds and fans be who they are.

Techno music is an underground ecstasy.


Most people who are outsiders would not understand it. But some spiritual language is involved in this. Not to mention the public that is in this music, is kind of different. Being most of the times categorized as not understandable by others. But that is a good sign, it keeps a community together. What is more important than being who you really are? Growing and finding yourself? If you recognize these themes than you’re in the right place. There is nothing wrong with going wild. The underground world is all about being who you are. People like this are welcomed t the community of techno music. It does not necessarily mean going all in, just supporting.

Finding joy and pleasure in the underground world of techno. Simple and brigs anyone’s attention.


“ Music detects what kind of person you are.”

   By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva

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