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DJ Sets and Live Streaming

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Like every performer, artist and singer, the DJ’s have their own performances, concerts and sets. Productivity shown from playing with a variable set of sounds. The DJ set is always different. Every artist can have a different opinion, taste and style. Making their listeners and fans differentiated in groups.

That is what makes them special and different one from another.

It is very important for DJ’s to have live performances. Not just because it makes people come all together in one place or watch the same thing in the same time and connect with each other and memories, but developing a new network, which makes a community hold together. The importance of these events is based on the interest and love of the DJ him\herself. Also, of the desire to connect with their people and see how their work improved over time and makes people change their moods into a better place.

Now, a DJ could not be a DJ without public right? It is necessary for artists like that to have a proper relationship and do concerts and live streams often. Which means the more satisfying and enjoyable time they have, the more they give support.

At the end, it all comes to how much the artist loves their job and how they interact with people around them, making their work exposed to the publicity, not just by having live concerts,but also live streaming on social media. As, taking care of the tempo and satisfaction of their followers.


“ A performer is nothing without an audience”

    By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva