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Want to be a part of the Techno Agency Team?

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Techno Agency is all about collaboration, having an online radio to share the talents of our members and our clients to enjoy it as well. We provide the best broadcast and media sharing. Anybody who wants to be in the team could apply or write us directly on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.Write to us, we are open for you!

In 30 days we are closing applications, apply now on the link!


Besides online streaming, in 30 days we start with live events and stages. Therefore, lets talk about our team. Techno Agency was established in 2018. With the selection of the greatest talents and training new ones. Ideas and projects are also welcomed. We are also doing live shows, concerts and preparing festivals. For people applying from abroad an agreement can be made and you could be our guest here. The Agency team is friendly in cooperative. We insist that you contact us and speak freely. We are open for new ideas and developments. Still Techno Agency is growing and new methods and ideas are started everyday. We are working on it daily. In the COVID-19 the team is working and filming online sets and making online parties, such as using the radio broadcasting on our web, Facebook Live videos and You Tube streaming.

What we are looking for?

  • DJ’s,
  • talented producers that would like to join the team,
  • event managers,
  • mixing and mastering and
  • we are open to connect for a sponsorship,
  • Ghost Producers
  • Web Designer
  • and we would like to cooperate for record labels.

Feel free to write to us!


Music Music Industry

We Need More Festivals

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Music festivals definitely provoke excitement in everyone. Especially techno and house music loves. Who does not want to go to a party with good music and a theme.Themes can often be interesting. Most of them have themes including masks, costumes, dress codes and other. Festivals have their own rules and signature events.

Simply the festivals have a goal to provoke a spiritual connection between people.

Now how is that even possible? Well, understanding each artist and what they want to say and do by giving you the satisfaction for listening. Be present, be here, be connected, be yourselves. It is a thing that happens mostly once a year, with a purpose. Enjoy life! Bringing smile to fans faces is the artists goal, the more the better and more successful they are. Every kind of music is special. But, techno and house music lovers or ravers are the free spirited ones. Developing festivals and groups of people that could last for a long time and have so many different themes and manifestation. Creating space for dancers and even for people that enjoy listening to it. We are excited to start something new. The support is only knowing that fans and supporters will be attending and want to do it. Everything else is on the house. Ideas are always welcome.

” Events and festivals brings us closer”

By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva