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How to Mix Electronic Music (8 Super-Quick Steps)

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Knowing how to mix electronic Music requires an ear for musical balance above all else. You must have the ability to discern when a bass track sounds muddy or when your left and right channels lack balance, all of which comes with practice. Beyond that, however, you can benefit from certain general rules and conventions common in all aspects of electronic music mixing, from synth-pop to house music to TECHNO and everything in between. Here are 8, super quick steps to achieving a much better mix! How to Mix Electronic Music (8 Super-Quick Steps)
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1. Set all of your faders to 0db. If using a digital program like Pro Tools or Logic, these will appear as vertical volume dials. When you set them all to 0, you can play back your composition and immediately notice which tracks dominate the mix and which need additional volume.
2 Keep your kick drum track at 0db and use that as your guide for adjusting all other tracks. I recommend this technique because it gives you a standard ..

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