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What does it mean to be a raver? Well, people who know how to party by themselves or dance in a crowd alone to techno, house or other type of electronic music, are the ones who are ravers by definition. All the music industries are now having trouble with the situation of what COVID-19 caused.

We will all dance together again!


Starting with a brand new season and new wave of passion for developing something unique, making the world a better place for ravers. New ideas of themes for parties and locations are entering into the projects of techno-agency. Before starting the new season, a brand new idea will be presented, at least for this season. It is important to stay together! The beauty of a community is to support each other. To all the ravers, we feel you! Doing anything that can be done, as working with full steam to make happen what was missed during the period.


“Let us bring you back to life!”

By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva


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