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Check out the new release from Old School Music !

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Artist: Philip Ackowsky and Tamara Jame Zname Stojkovska

Title: Black Cristaly

Publisher: Old School Music

Music: Remix – Mathias Teichmann & DJ Nasty Deluxe aka Kristijan Nestoroski (City of Drums)

Mastering: Mathias Teichmann – City of Drums, Much (GER)

Genre: Techno

Format: EP

Official Release Date: 28.05.2020 Exclusive Release / Beatport: 16 .05. – 28.05.2020

“Black Cristaly” is  Philip Ackowsky’s and Tamara Jame Zname’s new release. Philip Ackowsky is the owner and founder of Techno Agency, which is a well-known uprising brand for techno parties. Also, Tamara aka Jame Zname is an upcoming and well-known female techno DJ in the techno scene in Macedonia. The new single is a cooperation from the two producers – DJ’s. The single contains these 3 tracks. In addition to the original track there is a techno remix produced by the Electronic Advance aka Mathias Teichmann and DJ Nasty Deluxe aka Kristijan Nestoroski. They are well known and new uprising producers due Based Munich and Macedonia,Skopje and Ohrid. The remix from these producers – artists is a driving techno version, which shouldn’t be missing in any techno record collection.

Pavle Davchev is a DJ – producer who is born in Skopje, Macedonia – based in Malta. Pavle is a t-house producer, but he also likes experimenting with the sound of the minimal and deep tech genre. Pavle’s interpretation for this EP is a playful and driving t-house remix in which he could fully convince. Pavle is also working as a producer for Right Music Records, Oxytech Records and Irma Records. His producing DJ style is t-house.

To buy the new release, check it on Beatport !

Artist link: Click here!

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The Importance of Vinyl Records

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Remember the old ways of sharing music? Are you the generation that grew up listening to CD’s and cassettes?  Well, in the past few years as vinyl sales were growing, the CD sales where declining three times faster. Nowadays from vinyl sales the industry has earned $224.1 million, just in 2019.

Vinyl records are now important as an Egyptian mummy in a museum.


Vinyl records are the best, because some of the formats made for a broadcast as an MP3s are missed and turn up to be with a bad sound. As for the records, they have a far more better sound quality than technology could ever achieve to make.Vinyl records are mostly used by producers for rock music and jazz. But, today DJ’s also use them to mix music, make something original and sophisticated. While, keeping the old way of listening to music, new concepts and ways are invented every single day by using the same old ways with new technology. There is nothing better than listening to music with good quality. Listening to a vinyl record is like viewing Van Gogh’s work, instead of a picture painted in Photoshop.  So, imagine Van Gogh’s work with a little mixture of today’s modern frames. Perfection! Also, vinyl records tend to be taken by vinyl collectors. So, the vinyl record business is still growing, as the records are becoming more wanted and more hard to find. Even though they are very good, because as time passes their price grows. Who doesn’t want to own something like that?

” Vinyl records are forever “.

By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva

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Rave Comeback

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What does it mean to be a raver? Well, people who know how to party by themselves or dance in a crowd alone to techno, house or other type of electronic music, are the ones who are ravers by definition. All the music industries are now having trouble with the situation of what COVID-19 caused.

We will all dance together again!


Starting with a brand new season and new wave of passion for developing something unique, making the world a better place for ravers. New ideas of themes for parties and locations are entering into the projects of techno-agency. Before starting the new season, a brand new idea will be presented, at least for this season. It is important to stay together! The beauty of a community is to support each other. To all the ravers, we feel you! Doing anything that can be done, as working with full steam to make happen what was missed during the period.


“Let us bring you back to life!”

By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva


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Want to be a part of the Techno Agency Team?

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Techno Agency is all about collaboration, having an online radio to share the talents of our members and our clients to enjoy it as well. We provide the best broadcast and media sharing. Anybody who wants to be in the team could apply or write us directly on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.Write to us, we are open for you!

In 30 days we are closing applications, apply now on the link!


Besides online streaming, in 30 days we start with live events and stages. Therefore, lets talk about our team. Techno Agency was established in 2018. With the selection of the greatest talents and training new ones. Ideas and projects are also welcomed. We are also doing live shows, concerts and preparing festivals. For people applying from abroad an agreement can be made and you could be our guest here. The Agency team is friendly in cooperative. We insist that you contact us and speak freely. We are open for new ideas and developments. Still Techno Agency is growing and new methods and ideas are started everyday. We are working on it daily. In the COVID-19 the team is working and filming online sets and making online parties, such as using the radio broadcasting on our web, Facebook Live videos and You Tube streaming.

What we are looking for?

  • DJ’s,
  • talented producers that would like to join the team,
  • event managers,
  • mixing and mastering and
  • we are open to connect for a sponsorship,
  • Ghost Producers
  • Web Designer
  • and we would like to cooperate for record labels.

Feel free to write to us!


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The Specialty in Creating Techno Music

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Techno music is a kind of music compounded from different electronic sounds, but also instrumentals and vocals can be added. Out there are a lot of people who do not like to listen to it. Just by reading the article, they can see why they are wrong.

In techno music there is also a “Mozart Symphony” in a modern way.


There is a lot of reasons why it is good. People could dance to it, drink coffee, drink alcohol and it doesn’t require something specific. Usually it has a happy note or a happy text. Making people feel happy and optimistic. Instead of facing sad, tragic texts, this music makes you want to speed up your life tempo a bit and get back back on your feet. But, it also a music taste. It does not exactly mean that everybody would love it. But it is good that the biggest number of people do. This is good for the music industry. Never mind people who do not like it, it is researched that usually have a different view of life, than the people who do. Now, this is something interesting to talk about. Meaning that  the “techno crowd” of people is 80% with similar thinking and lifestyle. So, Of you are one of the “techno crowd” your welcome to our team.


“Music taste reveals your personality.”

By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva


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We Need More Festivals

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Music festivals definitely provoke excitement in everyone. Especially techno and house music loves. Who does not want to go to a party with good music and a theme.Themes can often be interesting. Most of them have themes including masks, costumes, dress codes and other. Festivals have their own rules and signature events.

Simply the festivals have a goal to provoke a spiritual connection between people.

Now how is that even possible? Well, understanding each artist and what they want to say and do by giving you the satisfaction for listening. Be present, be here, be connected, be yourselves. It is a thing that happens mostly once a year, with a purpose. Enjoy life! Bringing smile to fans faces is the artists goal, the more the better and more successful they are. Every kind of music is special. But, techno and house music lovers or ravers are the free spirited ones. Developing festivals and groups of people that could last for a long time and have so many different themes and manifestation. Creating space for dancers and even for people that enjoy listening to it. We are excited to start something new. The support is only knowing that fans and supporters will be attending and want to do it. Everything else is on the house. Ideas are always welcome.

” Events and festivals brings us closer”

By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva

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Talents and Techno Music

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Getting into the music world is not supposed to be about the fame and the exposure. It is all about the team, the trust and the passion. Discovering new talents everyday could be something mesmerizing.

Not mentioning that the world changes just by one person making a difference.

Well, why not make it something enjoyable? Like music? It brings all people together. Just discovering a new artist, makes the peoples live more interesting and exciting. Helping in this development is making some big changes to the society and a new era of music. The style is important, as the goal. It should not be about the ego, but about love. Love to the music and giving importance to the well-being.

Every artist has their own story by their playlist. Listen carefully and it will discover another world. It is proven that people who are similar listen to the same music. It is really important that people like this come together and grow stronger. And how that is done? Just by the artist telling their own story.


”Music makes people united.”

   By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva

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One Artist and a Thousand People

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It takes effort and time to become good at what you work. It is not just about the desire and dream to accomplish something big. But about working on it every day. Until even one’s self could not give any interests to what others are saying and staying humble.

It is important to have confidence and to always work on your music.


It is making a dream come true. The biggest importance in this decisions and industry is working on what you love,which takes effort. Where it brings people joy and confidence. With all of these, one’s self is indestructible.Now, expanding the talent with work, brings the artist to large accomplishments. Being unique. Uniqueness is something that one should strive for, not being lost in the crowd. But being the only one with that type of work. It brings the artist and talents exposed to their fans. These kinds of artist usually have a long-term relationship with their fans.

As, worrying about what would happen next over the years, gets weaker every day. Their number of fans grows stronger every day. Holding to the style and brand, while making a living. What a good plan. Be unique and what is your will come. Expose yourself though music, people that understand you will make you stronger.


“One artist could bring joy to thousands.”

   By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva

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The Love for the Underground Techno World

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What it is about the underground world that brings music and crowds together in style? It is all about the love that people have for it. Something that brings them closer and they enjoy it. Parties and festivals are the best. It makes crowds and fans be who they are.

Techno music is an underground ecstasy.


Most people who are outsiders would not understand it. But some spiritual language is involved in this. Not to mention the public that is in this music, is kind of different. Being most of the times categorized as not understandable by others. But that is a good sign, it keeps a community together. What is more important than being who you really are? Growing and finding yourself? If you recognize these themes than you’re in the right place. There is nothing wrong with going wild. The underground world is all about being who you are. People like this are welcomed t the community of techno music. It does not necessarily mean going all in, just supporting.

Finding joy and pleasure in the underground world of techno. Simple and brigs anyone’s attention.


“ Music detects what kind of person you are.”

   By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva

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How to spot a DJ

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Have you ever noticed that one friend that always plays the jukebox? That one person that hits you with the song? That is the unsupported talent.

Talents that make your life.


Sometimes it is needed encouragement to get into an industry like this. It is more complicated than most know it. But unsupported talents have to be supported. They are a treasure. If one has an ability to make their friends move, why not a whole crowd? Being an influencer in music. It is a whole another level of being a leader, in a different perspective

A talent brings other people’s emotions on the table. Making them feel something all over again. Mostly the beautiful ones. Who want to run away from that? No one of course. Being there brings more to it, it brings support to the artists, starting up something big, making something new for the fans. Isn’t that exciting? Just be online for the new live streams and feel some relief.


“New artists should be discovered and supported.”

    By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva