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Getting into the music world is not supposed to be about the fame and the exposure. It is all about the team, the trust and the passion. Discovering new talents everyday could be something mesmerizing.

Not mentioning that the world changes just by one person making a difference.

Well, why not make it something enjoyable? Like music? It brings all people together. Just discovering a new artist, makes the peoples live more interesting and exciting. Helping in this development is making some big changes to the society and a new era of music. The style is important, as the goal. It should not be about the ego, but about love. Love to the music and giving importance to the well-being.

Every artist has their own story by their playlist. Listen carefully and it will discover another world. It is proven that people who are similar listen to the same music. It is really important that people like this come together and grow stronger. And how that is done? Just by the artist telling their own story.


”Music makes people united.”

   By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva

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