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The music industry has crashed down in these past months, canceling festivals, concerts and other events. Which leaves record label houses and venues with canceled shows and lost budget.

Here is how you can help. Supporting websites, reading posts blogs and having a good time with our pages online. Capturing moments of society using technology.


But what is left for you to get? It is the infinite satisfaction of good music, gifts for fans that are send each day. The privilege to come to events and become friends with. By giving support, you are helping this brand to grow and make better strategy for future events and give you a better time to hang out. Donations are welcomed, which are not supposedly for this brand. It is for humanitarian actions and not a single dime is taken from the community. Looking forward for reaching people that would help in these hard times.

Protecting ourselves by settling at home, and wishing this to be over as soon as possible. May everyone meet each other occasionally and this brand and artists being with their supporters after these crises. Hope everyone is doing well. Do not forget you are strong enough to reach the end of the quarantine.


“Stay strong, we need you”

   By Elena Isjanovska Tokareva

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