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Artist: Philip Ackowsky and Tamara Jame Zname Stojkovska

Title: Black Cristaly

Publisher: Old School Music

Music: Remix – Mathias Teichmann & DJ Nasty Deluxe aka Kristijan Nestoroski (City of Drums)

Mastering: Mathias Teichmann – City of Drums, Much (GER)

Genre: Techno

Format: EP

Official Release Date: 28.05.2020 Exclusive Release / Beatport: 16 .05. – 28.05.2020

“Black Cristaly” is  Philip Ackowsky’s and Tamara Jame Zname’s new release. Philip Ackowsky is the owner and founder of Techno Agency, which is a well-known uprising brand for techno parties. Also, Tamara aka Jame Zname is an upcoming and well-known female techno DJ in the techno scene in Macedonia. The new single is a cooperation from the two producers – DJ’s. The single contains these 3 tracks. In addition to the original track there is a techno remix produced by the Electronic Advance aka Mathias Teichmann and DJ Nasty Deluxe aka Kristijan Nestoroski. They are well known and new uprising producers due Based Munich and Macedonia,Skopje and Ohrid. The remix from these producers – artists is a driving techno version, which shouldn’t be missing in any techno record collection.

Pavle Davchev is a DJ – producer who is born in Skopje, Macedonia – based in Malta. Pavle is a t-house producer, but he also likes experimenting with the sound of the minimal and deep tech genre. Pavle’s interpretation for this EP is a playful and driving t-house remix in which he could fully convince. Pavle is also working as a producer for Right Music Records, Oxytech Records and Irma Records. His producing DJ style is t-house.

To buy the new release, check it on Beatport !

Artist link: Click here!

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