Yuka Yu
Hailing from Taipei, Taiwan, a city with a thriving nightlife that goes until the wee hours of the morning, Yuka grew up with
the birth of the electronic music scene in Asia in the late 90s. Taiwan is a renegade democratic island that becomes independent from China. With a mix of Taiwanese, Dutch and Japanese, Yuka began DJ’ing while living in London in
Camden Town, training under the London Sound Academy.“We need music so we don’t forget that there are places in this worldthat aren’t made out of stone. Like the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and China, like the Berlin Wall between West Berlin and East Berlin,music has the ability to transcend any borders.” Yuka said. Her musical style is influenced by acid,
psychedelic and oriental rhythms. Immersed in a multi-cultural and conflicted atmosphere, her experience in Eastern and Western culture inspires her creation of music. Her first vinyl shebought in Berlin feature the ‘jahyu’, a tribal
flute, where the string melodies slide effortlessly amongst a powerful rootsbased dubstep beat, creating a unique
sound full of flavour. While living in London, effortlessly bridging the underground to the mainstream in a
male dominated industry, her musical career has brought her many gigs in London and Berlin, such as DJ’ing at
Ministry of sound, The Cause, RoadTrip and The Workshop, Number 90, Factory 45, White Post, Vortex, Cafe 1001, Troubadour,
Humboldthain Club, and Kaffee Burger. She has also performed at the One Love Heart Festival in Santa Rosa,
Reeferpalooza in Sacramento, Thumpty in New York, and in New Orleans with the Dohm Collective. Yuka currently resides in Sonoma County and performs regularly in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Santa
Rosa, and Sebastopol, with a monthly residency at Fern Bar every 3rd Saturday.