Olga Godina (Ольга Година)
Techno, it’s not just tracks and performances of your favorite Dj`s on parties and raves. It is a whole culture, style, way of thinking and life.I deeply respect techno and consider the direction of this music, a cultural heritage that will be passed down from generation to generation.I want to develop this trend and motivating followers for a new steps. My motto: Techno lives in our souls !

The world of TECHNO is improving every day and more than 30 years Techno Music is with us.

A guide to the world of TECHNO appeared surprisingly, in Russia, glad to introduce myself Ольга Година (Olga Godina), from Moscow, the 1st techno blogger in the world. Before me, there was no such tag related to techno music as a techno blogger, I brought it to the industry. In November 2018, after visiting the club night and stunning emotions, I wrote an article about Berghain. It has more than 1000 reposts. This article was noticed by international techno portal and they suggested to make a collaboration.

Today I am publishing at 7 international techno
portals: Dj Music, 6AM, TECHNO AND RAVE, World Techno, Ibiza Party Stars, Techno Underground, Hammarica. Articles, reviews, interviews, videos with an audience more then 450 000 people.

16 interviews: Herr Mike, Khålif, Christian Bonori, Mario Berger, Indira Paganotto, Giorgio Capuano the Founder of the YAM Agency devoted to the 10 th anniversary, Red Albert, Thomas P. Heckmann, Samuel Kerridge, Cristian Collodoro, Hurtado, Agent Orange Dj, Max Leykin devoted to Epizode Festival and his
booking agency, BOHO, Valerio Sinatra, Jacidorex.
I support techno addicted people for free, because we are having the same techno music passion.
With my help people can have more information about Dj`s, music and events.
I am also at near 70 techno communities all over the world, visual story teller and discussion lead.