Daddy Russell is an Electronic DJ and Producer from Sicily, living and working in London, UK. He came to London in 1999 for work and to partake in the UK’s underground dance music culture and is now a leading figure in the UK club scene.

He always dreamt of being a DJ/Producer from a young age when he would frequent the clubs near his hometown Catania (Sicily). Every weekend he would be at the clubs from the moment the doors open and be the last one on the dance floor at closing time.
With a whole host of international DJ’s passing through the clubs, he would study what they did and eventually it would help Daddy Russell develop himself as an artist.

In late 2014 Daddy Russell decided it was time to take things seriously and took time out toe really prefect his craft on bot the Dj & music production front. He went down the conventional route of using an industry-standard DJ set up but quickly discovered that it wasn’t for him as he likes to feel closer to the music and be able to manipulate it in his own way with endless possibilities, utilizing multi looping techniques layered with various effects whilst playing more than two tracks.
This gives Daddy Russell the opportunity to separate himself from many other DJs and deliver high energy sets like no other but most of all allow him to express exactly who he is musical!

Originally starting his early Dj career in the Trance scene Daddy Russell began to feel that being in London it wasn’t the right fit for what he was playing and began to explore other musical avenues that he had an interest in and began to delve into the world of Tech-House and Techno.
Although Daddy Russell began incorporating different genres into his DJ sets he never once deviated from his high energy, technical style of DJ’ing.

When it comes to production Daddy Russell keeps the same energy as in his DJ sets and his work rate in this area is second to none.
Working non stop on new productions regardless of location Daddy Russell has been known to churn out multiple tracks in a week.

Daddy Russell likes to draw influence from a multitude of creative art forms, not just dance music. Daddy Russell often draws inspiration from film scores and often searches for irregular sounding samples to add to his productions to set himself apart from other producers and add a touch of originality.