Christian Marciani, better known as Marciani, born in Rome on 30/04/1990. At age 14 he particularly passionate about electronic music thanks to an event that will mark his life forever: the Diabolika. Little more than a year later with some savings unable to buy a mixer and 2 dishes of Technics and so begins to learn the technique of mixing alone, stealing with the eyes in the Roman evenings by the most talented DJs in the capital. He made his debut in 2006 in a series of afternoon of ‘era boasting some success up to 2008 when itis inserted in the qube Mattinè is emerging in the hall. In the 2012 season he joined in Manycome at Qube. In the’summer of 2013 learning the techniques of musical productions and after only 1 month out of Spaceland Rec with the name Christian M (Sara ep). Then November comes up with ‘another ep on NOCODE Rec entitled HEARTACHE. The rewards for theyoung man did not end there because in January 2014comes out on his first foreign label NAUGHTY PILLS with ANGEL Ep.
In 2016 he joined the Technofarm staff where he became a resident and collaborated with great artists such as Cirillo, Niereich, Bastinov, Nakadia and many others.
In 2019 he founded together with his friend , Roberto Perez; Marper Records.
February 10, 2020 the first ep with the name DIGITAL comes out