The way of the succeess from Andreas Kraemer is like a history lesson in Techno music. For over 25 years, Andreas takes a big place as music producer and DJ in the electronic Music Susiness as one of the pioneers; he produced over 300 Vinyl releases and a lot of digital releases also. With uncountable DJ gigs worldwide and his outstanding productions he takes a big place in the Game. He is found on releases and lineups with colleagues like Chris Liebing Adam beyer , DJ Rush , Sven vath , Sven Wittekind, The Advent and so on.

In 2012 he started the a collaboration with Neireich and did the project Kraemer & Niereich with the Album „Brett“, that smashed the whole sale charts and was picked as album of the year in the Fazemag and Partysan Magazine 2014. In the 90s Andreas also got a couple of successful Projects with big impact worlwide. Junk Project and also Aquaplex got resonance world wide and got a longtime support from big players like Armin van buuren , Tiesto , Paul van Dyk and many more . Paul van Dyk self-signed one of Andreas Projects (Solid Sleep) to Vandit and remixed it himself, what was also a big success. Andreas is a Pioneer from past till now in the electronic music scene and specially in Belgium and the Netherlands, he has a big name with his trance and hardtrance productions from the past.

He still got huge support with old productions , so DJs like Nina Kravitz , Miss Djax , Deborah de Luca and much more are still dropping his Junk Project releases.

Under his own Name Andreas Kraemer, he is also well known in the Techno Genre, if we talk about groovy and driving Techno, Andreas is one of the first Adresses. All this facts are the reason why many Artists chose him as Producer. In 2017, Andreas did alot of Productions for many Artists and was working alot in the Studio. In 2018, there was more to come, a few new Singles and a new Album.

He reactivated Junk Project in 2018, and with his new Partner SLT, who has a similar Background, they are again available for Retro/Classic and Trance-Gigs.

In September 2019, the new Kraemer + SLT „Research E.P.“ will be released on BubbleJam Records (BubbleJam 53), also the new Junk Project Album is about to come December 2019.